Laura Vello

Laura Vello has never known a life without horses. Born into a horse loving family, Laura began riding at a young age with the local Pony Club. She then joined her family competing in local competitions. Laura progressed steadily through the ratings and received numerous awards for her riding, sportsmanship, and horse management skills. After completing an undergraduate degree in Political Science Laura moved to Aiken, South Carolina. While there, she further developed her training and coaching skills while expanding her competition opportunities. Laura has competed through the current four star level but also enjoys helping new horses and riders progress through the levels of eventing. She currently resides in Shreveport, LA where she completed her masters in Public Health while continuing her passion and education in equestrian riding and coaching. She is currently in the process of building a small equestrian training center in the area, in order to continue serving her student athletes.

Phone: (412) 606-8138
Email: vellolaura@gmail.com