TeAh Phoenix

TeAh’s first horse was a sorrel gelding with an orange yarn mane–a stick horse named Brownie. As a teenager, she spent every penny she could scrounge to go on trail rides near her home, high in the Rocky Mountains.

Looking back, it was foolish to have bought a four-month-old colt at the age of 25, but if she hadn’t, she probably never would have owned a horse at all. Too afraid to admit that she was in over her head, with no idea where to start, she started with herself. Through years of heartache and frustration, she stuck with it, training herself as she trained him. Together, they’ve moved to seven barns in four states, and even spent three years in Germany. By the end, she had become a groundwork junkie.

Foundational Horsemanship begins on the ground. TeAh believes strongly that groundwork is the foundation of the horse/rider relationship. Groundwork exercises prepare your horse and yourself mentally and emotionally for any riding discipline. Through groundwork, ingredients like leadership, trust, and consistency are applied to everyday challenges like ground manners, inattentiveness, and lack of confidence (in both horse and rider). Any rider in any discipline can benefit from increased communication and trust with their horse.

TeAh offers training, coaching, and mentoring for horse and rider. She will work with you and your horse and/or with you and your riding instructor to overcome challenges that can best be tackled from the ground. Because confidence should be built from the ground up.

Free initial consultations
$30–45 for 90 minutes
Phone: 318-364-0461
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